Ridiculum minima daemonum – Rubrum


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Pain is an illusion of the senses, despair an illusion of the mind.

There is no escape. The only hope is the sweet relief of death, and these —Ridiculum minima daemonum— will happily see to it that you receive that relief.

Rubrum. Flavum. Purpura. They are all awaiting you on the other side. And that other side was Toy de Jour in Chicago for The Furby Show, curated by Toys on Tap / YuckoToys. After deconstructing an original furby happy meal toy I created a new beak, sculpted mounts for the horns, talons, and ear inlay, and made the parts to go into those new mounting points. The bodies are cast in a 6 color UV swirl, and the accent pieces are cast in glow in the dark red/yellow/purple. 20 parts: 16 cast, 4 recycled from the original toys.

Oh, and they all moan disconcertingly like the true little horrors that they are, because the original sound makers are contained within their infernal husks.

As this is a completely handmade item slight imperfections may exist. Due to resin mixing and paint techniques, no two will be exactly the same.