Young Scraposaurustein [uv]


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A few months in the making from concept to fruition, “Young Dinostein” was my contribution to the #fisforfrankenstein Instagram art show curated by the immeasurably talented Labmonkeynumber9. There was no more appropriate way to participate than combining my love of dinosaurs with the greatest Mel Brooks movie ever made.

Comprised of parts scavenged, molded, and cast from the corpses of a therizinosaurus, stegosaurus, and the dear Peter Boyle, this literal monster tips the scales at over a pound of resin and measures 10″ tall and 12″ from lobotomized forehead to grafted tail tip. 

This iteration of Young Dinostein, now known as “Young Scraposaurustein”, is a 1/1 comprised of clear resin jam packed full of uv reactive and glow in the dark bits of flashing, cast off sprues, and spent pour spouts.

  • 12 parts
  • 0 points of articulation